Spanish art in America

The United States is probably the country outside of Spain which has valued Spanish art the most. This claim is based on the sheer number of Spanish works purchased in the recent history of this nation, the high quality of these works and their widespread distribution among most of the museums in the country?s leading cities. This fascination with Spanish art is reflected in the specialisation of some of these institutions, as well as in the way these works make up the most important core of some collections or are represented on par with those of other schools in more encyclopaedic museums. This monograph reveals the wonderful Spanish artistic heritage conserved in the museums of the United States and its enormous quality and interest, from the Middle Ages until contemporary art. With essays by the conservators of American museums and experts in Spanish art, this volume evaluates the importance of the works of art from Spain in the different museums and tells the story of how they have been collected in the United States of America.