Resource Type: Carleton Archives

Historical Audio and Visual Materials about Carleton College

Searches through citation information Audio and video recordings of Carleton College, its campus, events, and people. While many of these recordings were made by the College, the collection includes several “home movies” made by Carleton students providing a unique glimpse into student life.

Carleton Academic Catalogs

(Searches through citations and the full text) Carleton College’s Academic Catalog was printed annually from 1867 through 2009. This collection includes these catalogs as well as the Schedule of Classes for 1959-2009.

Carleton Press Releases

(Searches through citations and the full text) Press releases produced by Carleton College from 1951-2002. These releases publicized important College-related announcements and events to readers outside the Carleton community.

Carleton Zoobooks – new student directories

(Searches through citations and the full text) Annual fall publication, 1955 to the present, of names, photographs and hometown information of Carleton College’s incoming class of new students.

Carleton Postcard Collection

(Searches through citations and the full text) The Carleton College postcard collection includes 231 postcards with images of Carleton College, the town of Northfield, and related subjects from the first half of the twentieth century.

Carleton College Historical Documents

(Searches through citations and subject indexing) This growing digital collection comprises a variety of materials relating to the history of Carleton College, campus development, and buildings. Included are early campus maps, blueprints & architectural drawings for campus buildings, miscellaneous letters and documents. Covers 1866 – present.

Carleton Voice – the alumni magazine

(Searches through citations and the full text) Carleton has published a regular alumni magazine since 1920, now available in full text online. Titles included are Alumni Magazine (1910-1916), Carleton College News Bulletin (1918-1925), Carleton Circle (1925-1932), Voice of the Carleton Alumni (1935-1970), Carleton, the Voice of the Alumni (1970-1973), and Carleton College Voice (1974-present).

Carleton College Oral Histories

(Searches through citations and subject indexing) Includes recorded interviews with Carleton faculty, alumni, staff and others covering their individual experiences at Carleton. 1971-2014

Algol Yearbook

(Searches through citations and the full text) The Carleton College yearbook documents the life of the college. Named for the variable star, Algol, it was first published in 1889 by the Class of 1890. While the Algol appeared sporadically during its early years, it became an annual volume in 1923 and was published through 2010.